Magic Research 2

The next incremental RPG from the creator of Magic Research

In Magic Research 2, you are a rookie wizard with a single ambition: to find or create the Philosopher's Stone, a legendary magical item that is said to be able to cure any illness. As you do so, you will learn more than you ever imagined about Magic and about the world around you. What kinds of adventures await you?

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A Refined Combat System

Magic Research 2 features a refinement of its predecessor's combat system. Your character will fight on their own, but you are always free to cast spells to change the balance. Or you can let your Wizards cast them for you!


Endless Synergies

With hundreds of items and dozens of spells, many of which are relevant throughout the entire game, there are countless strategies to find and exploit. Can you break the game?


Concrete Ending

The game has plenty of Storylines, side stories which unlock powerful bonuses - including entirely new features - that can drastically change the way you play. And as you follow the main story, you'll eventually get to a clear ending.

Optimized for Various Screen Sizes

Optimized for Phones and Desktop

The game's UI adapts to the device's screen size, allowing you to have a good experience regardless of whether you are playing on a phone, a tablet, or a PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need to play Magic Research first. Try the free demo now and see if you enjoy the game!

Magic Research 2 shares some of the core features with Magic Research, such as the concept of researching or studying magic to learn new spells, or the battle system in Exploration. It also shares the same base UI. If you have played Magic Research before, you will feel quite familiar.

However, there are many, many differences:

  • The story, spells, Storylines, items, enemies, etc. are all entirely different;
  • There are multiple new features not present in Magic Research;
  • Even the shared features are quite different. Spells are organized in Elements instead of Schools. Land is limited, and you need to plan what you want to build. Inventory space is infinite and item creation can be automated. Potions are no longer consumable; instead they are equipment that recharges every combat. The list goes on.

As of the time of writing, the game is only available in English. However, the game has the ability to import a translation file which can allow you to play in a different language if such a file is created.

If you are interested in translating the game, please reach out to our support email:

The answer is: It depends on the platform.

  • The Windows Steam version should be playable using a screen reader like NVDA. You are encouraged to try the Steam demo version first to make sure. If the game is not playable, please send an email to so that we may fix it.
  • The iOS version should be playable using VoiceOver. Unfortunately, there is no demo version for iOS. Magic Tap is supported in a few screens, similarly to Magic Research. If the game is not playable, please send an email to so that we may fix it.
  • The Android version, unfortunately, is not playable using a screen reader due to limitations of the UI framework used for the game and operating system. You are still free to try the Android demo version if you'd like.

Support & Help

For help and support about the app, you may contact us via email at:

For guides, and help on the game, join the official Discord: